Uni Star Group - Fashion Shoes Wholesale. Beograd, Serbia

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Kataleya is a brand name of women’s fashion shoes.

Both on local and international market Kataleya has increasingly been becoming known for the comfort and quality of products that closely follow the latest fashion trends. Shoes are made of genuine leather as well as other high quality materials and is suitable for all who enjoy contemporary fashion design combined with high quality. Being an excellent value for money this brand has made it’s way not only all over the former Yugoslavia but is also now represented at Italian, Polish, Belorussian and Russian markets.

Uni Star Group operates wholesale and distribution of brand Kataleya, as well as a number of established Italian shoe makers. Extra care is paid to the highest quality while following the latest trends in fashion in order to meet the highest expectations of those interested in excellent standard. The wide range of products is designed to meet varied tastes and lifestyles while maintaining competitive prices of high quality products serve as our best reference. Predicting the expectations of the most demanding customers is our number one goal.